Valbona and Theth

The most famous, and perhaps most beautiful, hiking trail in Albania is the one from Valbona to Theth, through the Accursed Mountains. It is a not-to-be missed chance to admire one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Balkan Peninsula and to experience the beauty of the Albanian Alps. The hike, called Peaks of the Balkans, because it also crosses over into the neighboring countries of Kosovo and Montenegro, follows an old mule track, is almost 20 km long, and can be completed in one day because it takes a total of eight hours with several stops to enjoy the views and take pictures. Both Valbona and Theth have been declared national parks of Albania and are two of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Valbona Valley National Park, Albania


Grunas Canyon

Grunas Canyon is one of the most incredible natural places you’ll see in Albania. It can be found on the south side of the Thethi National Park and can be visited only with expert guides that will lead you to admire this gorgeous two-km-long and 60-meter-deep canyon. The path that leads to the canyon is simply gorgeous and offers incredible views over the Thethi River, which with its crystal clear water is the most beautiful river in the country. Luckily, the river has enough water for canoe sailing year-round, so if you are a fan of this kind of activity, don’t miss the chance to try it.

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Wikiloc | Grunas Water Fall and Canyon Trail

The Blue Eye of Theth

Theth is perhaps the most famous place in Albania to hike, and once here you’ll easily understand why: it is the most beautiful place in the Albanian Alps surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes. Not all places are reachable by car, so it is a really good area to explore on foot. If you want to visit the gorgeous Blue Eye of Kaperre (Albania has two blue eyes, the other is near Saranda, in the south), you need to walk a lot: from Theth you need to pass through Grunas Canyon and Kaperre, then you’ll arrive at one of the most incredible places you’ll see in your life. The Blue Eye is a natural pool formed by the erosion of the cliff by the river that created several waterfalls and swimming holes.

Blue Eye of Theth, Albania

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Lura Nature Park

Lura Park of nature covers an area of 1,280 hectares to the east of “Lura’s Crown” in northeastern Albania. The Llura Nature Park – Parku Kombëtar i Lurës in Albanian is situated on the eastern slopes of Lura Mountain. Lura Mountain climbs up to a height of 1600 to 1700 meters, and features magnificent beech forests and high conifers. This remote area has great possibilities for developing eco-tourism. The town of Peshkopi is about 25 km east of the National Park while villages of Fushë-Lurë and Sina e Epërme are even closer to the National Park.

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Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park

Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park is in the Librazhd and Bulqizë regions of Albania. It is one of Albania’s newest national parks, having been created in 2008. The park occupies the northeastern section of the district of Librazhd and runs along the border with Macedonia.he park offers some of the most rugged scenery in the eastern section of country that were carved into their present shapes by the glaciers of the last ice age.


Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park

Festa e Parkut Kombëtar Shebenik-Jabllanice në Fushë Studën - InfoKult

South Albania

A hike in the south of Albania is one of the most gorgeous adventures to try in life. Why? It offers spectacular views over one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, lapped by turquoise waters, from one side, and surrounded by great mountain panoramas, on the other side. The hike includes Tomorr, Mount Çika, and the Ceraunian Mountains in the west, two mountains that are close to Llogara National Park, the most famous mountain pass in Albania.

Llogara Pass, Albania

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