What We Do


We are a tour operator that begun our commitment in 2011, as a family business. As Albanians, we want to show the beauties of Albania and the Albanian regions around the Balkan Peninsula. We have been doing tours in Albania and the Balkans for 9 years now. Also with us you can book your holidays around the world.


Our Vision


Our vision is to create as many services as possible to introduce to the tourism environment, adding the tourist packages and introducing new trends, such as various sports which in recent years have been highly demanded by customers.


Our Mission


Our mission is to serve our customers with dedication and responsibility in high quality tours. This is why we grew year by year, transforming us in one of the leading tour operators in the tourist market.

Meet Our Team




She has twelve years of experience in tourism. She is specialized in outbound and inbound tourism. For several years, she has been taking care of welcoming groups of foreign tourists that come to visit Albania. She is an impassioned cultural traveler in search of exploring new destinations and becoming part of their culture so that she can share her own experience and impressions with her clients.




He has five years of experience in tourism. He is specialized in selling tickets. Since 2014 he has become the skydive pilot of the Albanian national team. He shares this passion and ‘adventure’ with his clients. He offers them the best tickets at the cheapest prices and an incredible skydiving experience with him as a tandem skydiving instructor – a very different way to embrace and enjoy tourism.




She has nine years of experience and knowledge in the tourism sector and seventeen years of experience in journalism. She is an impassioned traveler in search of adventures and a beach lover. She loves to transmit all the passion she has for exploring new places, meeting new people, and embracing new cultures to her clients.

About Us

Fiori Travel & Tours offers travel services with a wide range of services of travel companies and individual travelers.

Best Travel Agency in Albania. The choice is yours!

We offer various tourist services for entertainment or business trips. Extensive experience and knowledge about these regions are the greatest assets of our agency, promoting as much as possible nationwide tourism. We guarantee services with high standards and reasonable prices. We specialize in offering high-quality service, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation about your travel plans and to take a look at our prices! We offer services and packages individually or in groups.

Over time, we have become a leader for home and abroad as a Tour Operator focusing as a Management Company of various Tourist Destinations inside and outside the country, offering services in several Balkan countries such as below.

Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. We would like to share with you what we have learned about these countries, this is why we offer different types of tours not only in Albania but also in neighboring countries and Europe also such are: Active Tours, City Visits, Holidays planned, summer & winter holidays, Transport Services or Special Tour Interests.

We believe that this part of the Balkans has a lot to discover and Fiori Travel always strives to bring the best in the region to those who are looking for the perfect adventure vacation in the Balkans, Europe, and beyond. We offer tourist services and tour packages to visit Albania, Balkan countries, Europe, and the World.

Classic tours around Albania, countries in the Balkans, and Europe.

City Visit Package includes entertainment and various activities
Summer & winter holidays in groups or individually
Flight tickets, ferry and land trips
Tours realized in groups for certain topics such as: (cultural association, study group, sports team, ecotourism, religious groups, etc.)
Tourist Packages, Transfers & Vehicles for Rent, Hotel Reservation worldwide
City Visit Package includes entertainment and various activities
Application for Chinese & British Embassy
Incentive programs including the arrangement of various facilities of conferences or activities for the construction of certain groups.
Travel health insurance, car insurance, etc.
Exotic holidays for honeymoon or special destinations