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It is called ‘island’ because of the lagoon system that approaches near the city of Lezha. They are water systems like canals, which have interrupted the communication of the swamp with Lezha and its lands forming an island, but in reality, today it is normally connected with the main road that leads to Lezha and Shkodra. It is a village that also has agricultural activity, but tourism is a priority. It is known as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the north of Albania for its beautiful nature, for the observation of waterfowl and for its special gastronomy. While today, the space has expanded and tourists have the opportunity to visit it up to the coast. It is a large area where the lagoon intertwines with the surrounding environment with tall shrubs and trees.


It is located about 60 km away from Tirana. The lagoon is positioned southwest of the city of Shengjin, west of the villages of Ishull-Shengjin and Ishull-Lezha.

What to visit?

m>The Hunting Hotel built in 1936 in a stunning natural landscape, an object of special historical value that has finally returned to tourist activity. Visit to Protected Areas. Kune Vaini Lagoon is a protected area, which includes lagoons and marshes, marine waters and coastline, land below sea level and typical coastal forests, Mediterranean shrubs, watercourses and agricultural and pasture lands. Cycling The area offers opportunities to explore nature and bicycles can be picked up at ADZM offices. Inside the Kune Vaini Lagoon there are several restaurants that are famous for cooking fish, traditional pie and other local produce. Vain beach is located near Vain lagoon and is known for the purity of water and sand. The road passes through tall trees and swampy lagoon. Even during the winter season walks by the sea offer opportunities for walking and exploring nature.


– Visit to the Hunting Hotel: Wonderful landscape and special building

– Coffee Break

– Visit to ADZM Protected Areas

– Lunch

– Visit to Vain Lagoon: Bird watching

– Visit to Vain beach

– Arrival