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We leave Tirana for a different day to Osumi river in beautiful city of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage site. After two hours traveling we will be able to have a rest in Berat and go straight to Osumi Canyons. Osumi Canyons are 26 km length, in an altitude of 450m from sea level. It is supposed they have been formed 2-3 million years ago from water erosion that dips in to the earth. The canyon is marvelous for its ecosystem that preserves in itself where as well, the greenery in both sides of the canyon is a permanent feature. Mediterranean bushes like heath, briar etc with a rich lively world and different categories of fish are preserved in river foundation. We start hiking along the river between the slopes of the canyon and swim. Besides in Canyons one can find a Cathedral, The eye, The Demons door. After a needed rest we will enjoy a very traditional and at the same time delicious lunch and then drive back to capital city, Tirana.
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