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Zadrima is located in Albania as a province between Shkodra and Lezha. It is part of the Western Lowlands, in its northern part of Albania starting from the mountain of St. Mark, Shita, and Kresta from the east, as well as the lower mountains of Kakarriq, Bushat and Beltoja to the west. The field through it is characterized by light and gentle hilly rises. Important to mention is the fact that Zadrima has brought to light many important figures for the culture and history of Albania such as: Gjergj Fishta, Father Danjel Dajani, Pjetër Zarishti etc.

What to Visit?

Arrival in Blinisht

- Visit to the Church of the Martyrs Blinisht

- Visit to the Craft Center - Artistic - Zadrima where textile handicrafts, various clothes and accessories are made. Lezha is a well-known area for handicrafts. It is inherited between generations and is most pronounced in the areas of Zadrima and Kallmet. (Blinisht)

Visit to Fishta House - For the first time, the house was declared a cultural monument in 2008, (Fishte). The object returned to identity is the house where the author of "Lahuta e Malësia", one of the most brilliant pens and Renaissance that Albania has produced, spent his youth years.

- Visit to the pottery center (Krajen) In the village of Krajen, two workshops for mud works have been built, which are very interesting to visit and see up close the way the products of dishes, pots, items for decoration or various souvenirs and many of them with local elements.

- Visit to the Meadows of Fishta, where the beautiful nature intertwines with the story of our national pride of Gjergj Fishta.

- Visit to Troshan College, which was a Catholic Christian educational college opened on June 14, 1882 by the Franciscans. The Assembly has a fascinating and attractive space at the foot of the Troshan mountain range, near the National Road Lezha-Vau Dejes

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