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Mali me Gropa is a major mountain in the hinterland of Tirana, behind Dajti mountain. It is geologically different and special mountain all over the year. Our journey will start at eight o’clock in the morning. Our guide will meet you at center city. Will be headed to the beautiful village of Shengjergji. The first destination is Shengjergji waterfalls (20-25 meters) on the Erzeni river, discovered in recent years. Once we have seen the waterfall we will be headed to the Mount with holes passing through Shëngjergji’s village. The hike will start from the height 1100 - 1200 meters to achieve one of the highest peaks of the mountain of 1800 meters. Its carstics pits, filled with water from underground water flow in different periods of the year, create the illusion of hundreds of small Jacuzzi. Once you explore the Hole Mountain in about two hours, we will continue in the meadow of "Cajëret of Selita” where will light the fire of barbeques. The meadow called Cajëret of Selita” has got this name because of the cultivation of the wild tea win this area(Caj = Tea) . During the barbeuqes preparation you can walk in the meadow or go to the pine forest, which together constitute a ideal habitat for numerous birds such as wild dove, skylark, woodpecker, Thrush, etc., without forgetting the flowers of the season. Ending the barbeques we will turn to Tirana.
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