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Day 1  Rinas – Shkoder                                                                                               Arrival in Mother Theresa Airport, Albania and transfer to the northern city of Shkoder. Sightseeing in the city of Shkoder. Starting the tour to Rruga Kolë Idromeno, also called Pedonalja, which is a pedestrian street packed with cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Then walk to the gorgeous Marubi National Museum of Photography, one of Albania’s favourite galleries. Stroll through the city center and reach a neighborhood where a mosque, catholic church and orthodox church stand within three minutes from each other. Dinner and overnight in Shkoder Day 2 Shkoder – Sveti Stefan - Budva – Kotor Breakfast at the hotel. Depature to Montenegro country direction for the city of Kotor. Photo stop at Sveti Stafan on the way. Visit to the old town of Kotor UNESCO Heritage. Lunch in Budva. Visit the old town of Budva. Return in the city of Shkoder. Dinner and overnight in Shkoder. Day 3 Shkoder- Prizren- Gjakove –Prishtina                                                                   Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for Kosovo country, First we will visit the Ottoman city of Prizren.  The best thing to do once in Prizren is to reach Shadervan, the central and most famous neighborhood in town with plenty of restaurants, boutiques, religious buildings, and, of course, cafés. The coolest spot is Prince Coffee House, a huge café located right in front of Sinan Pasha Mosque, the oldest mosque of Prizren and one of the most beautiful in the country. Lunch in Gjakova. Visit the Monastery of Decan. Dinner and overnight in Pristina. Day 4 Prishtina Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the city center of Pristina. Head to the old town of Pristina, home to a labyrinth of narrow streets, mosques, old shops, ancient houses and one of the best ethnographic museums in the country, the Museum Emin Gjiku. Entrance to the museum is free, and guides will explain the history of Kosovo under the Ottoman rule in excellent English. While you’re in the area, don’t miss the stunning Imperial Mosque and its terrific frescoes, located near the museum. Dinner and overnight in Kosovo. Day 5 Skpoje Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for the Macedonia capital.  Part Balkan, part Mediterranean and rich in Greek, Roman and Ottoman history, Macedonia has a fascinating past and complex national psyche. The turbulent historical events on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia in the pre-historic, ancient and Roman period, as well as in the medieval period and the new century have left indelible traces both in terms of the spiritual and the material culture of the Macedonia’s.  This primarily refers to numberless cultural-historical monuments, ethnographic values, urban settlements, museums, galleries, memorial collections, gastronomic events etc. Visit to the Capital of Macedonia. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel. Day 6 Ohrid Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for the city of Ohrid UNESCO heritage. Sightseeing in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Ohrid will be done mainly on foot during the day.  We will see the amphitheater, the castle and the churches of St Clement, St Kaneo, Transfer by boat and visit to church of St Sofia. Lunch dinner and overnight in Ohrid. Day 7 Ohrid – Sveti Naum – Tushemisht – Korca Breakfast at the hotel. Visit Sveti Naum. Monastery of Saint Naum is popular place which is situated 29 kilometers far from city Ohrid. It was built in 905 by monk Saint Naum. The icons of St. Naum are some of the best religious painting achievements in the Balkans.Then we will be off to Pogradec.  Border control.  Lunch with sea foods in Tushemisht. Departure for city of Korca. Sightseeing.  Dinner and accommodation in  Korca. Day 8 Korca – Permet - Kelcyre – Gjirokaster - Saranda                                                Having  breakfast we will be off to Permet, or as it is called “the city of flowers”. Lunch in Kelcyra with bio food. Visit the city of Gjirokastra UNESCO heritage, the castle and the object inside it. During our stay in Gjirokastra, we  visit the castle,  which is the biggest castle in Albania. Inside the castle, you can visit the Museum of Weapons,opened in 1971. Visit Ethnographic Museum, located in the house where the former communist dictator Enver Hoxha was born. Departure for south city of Saranda which is one of the largest tourism centers  in Albania, attracting many tourist from all parts of the world. The  pleasant atmosphere of the city make this one of the top destinations to be visited in Albania. Overnight in Saranda. Day 9 Saranda – Butrint Breakfast at the hotel. Today we travel to Butrinti in Albania and visit the UNESCO archeological site. Butrinti is one of the few archeological sites in Albania to be continually inhabited during the whole of its existence and is as well one of the most preserved sites in Albania part of UNSCO Heritage list. Depending on the period and weather we can relax in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea in Ksamil. Lunch in Ksamil as well.Dinner in panoramic restaurant. Overnight in Saranda Day 10 Saranda – Corfu – Saranda                                                                                   Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the port. Transfer by ferry boat to Corfu Island. Visit in Achilleon Palace (inside), Vlaherna monastery and Pontikonisi island, Old Town etc.  Traditional Greek Lunch restaurant near the seashore or in old town. Return by ferry boat from Corfu to Saranda port. Transfer from the Port to Hotel. Overnight in Saranda. Day 11 Saranda- Borsh – Porto Palermo –Llogora – Vlora Breakfast at the Hotel. Departure for the city of Vlora.  First stop at waterfall  of Borsh.Photos and coffee break.  Visit Porto Palermo castle on the way. Lunch at Llogora pas Bio food. Accommodation and dinner in Vlora. Overnight in Vlora Day 12 Vlora – Apolonia – Berat – Durres Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for Alollonia archeological site. The must visits spots of Apollonia are: The Encircling Wall, the Terraced Wall with arched gates, the monument of Agonothetes, the Library, the Odeon, the Portico, the House with mosaics, the Museum of Apollonia, the Church of Saint Mary.  Lunch in Fier. Departure for Berat UNESCO heritage coffee break during the way. Visit Berat castle and Onufri museum  inside, the church of  St Mary, Holy Trinity etc.. Accommodation and dinner in the oldest town in Albania. Overnight in Durres. Day 13 Durres – Marikaj –Kruja – Tirana Breakfast at the hotel. Visit Durres amphitheatre the second largest in Balkan peninsula. Lunch in Marikaj farm house with Bio food. Group departs the journey for the historic city of Kruja. Visit the Castle of Skanderbeg, Ethnographic museum (inside). Shopping in the old bazaar, handmade products (outside). Lunch in Marikaj in a farm house with traditional bio food drinks included. Dinner and accommodation in Tirana Day Tirana 14 – Tirana –Elbasan – Tirane                                                                Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for city of Elbasan. Visit the castle, the famous VIA EGNATIA,  King Mosque, byzantine church of Saint Mary. Lunch in panoramic view near Shkumbini River. After lunch return to capital of Albania. Guided visits in: Scanderbeg Square, Ethem-Beu Mosque, ex-residential area “The Block”, Pyramid, Historical parts of Tirana, Tabak’s Bridge etc. Overnight in Tirana. Dinner in Tirana. Day 15 Tirana – Rinas Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for rinas Airport. End of our trip.
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