There are 74 cities in Albania holding the status of a city according to data by the Institute of Statistics. Albania's capital and largest
  Visiting Albania’s capital you’ll delve into the past and present of a country that has seen intense turmoil since it was
Visit Web Paqe Castle Kruja's once important castle is these days just an impressive ruin. Within its crumbling walls are
Saranda is the most beautiful city to visit in Albania, no questions asked. There are lots of historical sites as well as
Albania is home to stunning cities that everyone should include in their Balkan trail itinerary. Berat is one of those
Visit Web Page Shkodra, the traditional centre of the Gheg cultural region, is one of the oldest cities in Europe
Visit Web PageDurres is a port city located on the Adriatic coast, 30km west of Albania’s capital city Tirana. It is
Visit Web Page Discover the best top things to do in Vlore, Albania including Independence Monument, Zvernec Monastery, Bora Bora
Visit Web Page The Castle The castle is open all year round (April to September 09:00 to 19:00, October to
Valbona and Theth The most famous, and perhaps most beautiful, hiking trail in Albania is the one from Valbona to Theth,
Albania’s southern coastline, with its lovely traditional hamlets, cobblestoned streets and small Orthodox churches, has plenty of beautiful beaches lapped
One of the best reasons why everyone should include Albania in his or her bucket list’s places to see is
Still very much off the beaten path, year-on-year Albania is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning
Facts About Travelling: Travel is one of the most popular forms of leisure around the world. When most of us decide
We leave Tirana to go straight to historical city of Shkodra. Located in the northwest part of Albania, near the Montenegrin border,
Today we will be traveling to one of Albania's three UNESCO sites, Gjirokaster. One of the most important cities of
Today we will be traveling to beautiful city of Berat, a 2400 year old city, under protection of UNESCO, known
Krujë is a town and a municipality in north central Albania. Located between Mount Krujë and the Ishëm River, the
Durrës historically known as Epidamnos and Dyrrachium, is the second most populous city of the Republic of Albania. The city
Apollonia was an ancient Greek city located on the right bank of the Aous river (modern-day Vjosë). Its ruins are